Menus Melbourne


Until the 1960's only establishments with grand dining rooms had formal menus which were design to reflect their own unique house style. We at Irwin and McLaren Bookbinders crafted many of these menus, which were usually rather large and often padded and bound in full leather. As the culture of Melbourne changed so did the style and number of restaurants, which was then reflected by changes in the bar scene. At Irwin and McLaren Bookbinders we worked with clients going through this change and the corresponding development and innovation of menu related products. 


We understand the technical elements of good design which we apply to client requirements, crafting a product that is user friendly and durable, but also reflects the style of the establishment. We design the menu cover with you so that you can print your menu inserts in-house, facilitating any change requirements quickly and easily. 

The team at Irwin and McLaren Bookbinders enjoy meeting with clients and when visiting our operations you can see and feel styles and materials of previously created menus. It is also good to see well worn samples. If you are designing a new menu for your establishment, please feel welcome to visit us at 64 Cubitt St, Richmond.